The Philomel Traveling Book Fair

Come visit The Philomel Book Fair and discover worlds you’ve only imagined! Among our favorite stories are Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider novels, a catalyst for a whole new generation of spy fiction lovers; Mike Lupica's sports-centered novels, such as Million-Dollar Throw, that capture the purity of the 14-year-old sports fanatic in everyone, young or old; and John Flanagan's Ranger's Apprentice epic, the fantasy/adventure series that brings readers into the hearts and minds of those who defend a kingdom through courage, skill, and cunning. The Philomel list includes many timeless fantasies, including Brian Jacques's Redwall Tales, a series now more than twenty books deep—including an illustrated cookbook and a graphic novel. T.A. Barron's fantasy epic The Lost Years of Merlin sowed the seeds for two companion trilogies, The Great Tree of Avalon and Merlin's Dragon. Find out when we’re coming to your town, pull up an armchair and discover a brand new world!

Tour Dates

05/27/11 Omaha, Nebraska
    Benson West Elementary School
06/07/11 Columbus, Ohio
    Woodcrest Elementary School
06/21/11 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Penn Alexander School
06/25/11 Foxboro, Massachusetts
    Foxboro Elementary
07/05/11 Buffalo, New York
    PS 43 Lovejoy Discovery School
07/06/11 Washington, D.C.
    Smothers Elementary School
07/10/11 Chicago, Illinois
    Poe Elementary School
07/15/11 St. Louis, Missouri
    Cote Brilliante School
08/03/11 San Francisco, California
    Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School

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